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Who We Are

The New Brunswick Prospectors and Developers Association is a voluntary non-profit organization comprised of prospectors, geoscientists, junior mining companies, mineral developers, industry suppliers and anyone interested in mineral exploration and mine development in New Brunswick. We are independent of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).

What We Do

-We provide a medium through which all those interested in mineral exploration and development in the Province may voice their opinions on issues affecting the industry.

-We co-operate with other interested groups and organizations to foster a relationship of dialogue and cooperation between the mineral exploration industry and various civic, government and educational bodies, and to provide council when required.

-We educate and promote an understanding in the general community as to the role of mineral exploration in the discovery, evaluation and ultimate development of mineral resources for the overall benefit of the Province and we disseminate knowledge amongst the Membership through the sponsorship of seminars, workshops and field trips.

-We encourage a mineral exploration industry that respects, understands and is knowledgeable about all environmental concerns associated with exploration and mining.